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This is my first Bikram Yoga Class. What do I need to know?

  • Every class is beginner friendly
  • Each class is 90 minutes. We strongly recommend that you stay in the room for the full duration of class to gain the maximum benefit
  • All levels of fitness and flexibility are encouraged to participate in our beginner friendly classes. You will be surprised with how quickly you improve

Do I need to book?

  • There is no need to book prior to class. We do ask that you arrive 15mins prior to class to complete the registration form.
  • If you would prefer to pre-register for a class, you can do so online via our website

How do I prepare for class?

  • Hydrate yourself before your class. Drink plenty of water / coconut water.
  • Avoid eating any heavy meals 2 hours prior to class. Fruit is an ideal option to help sustain energy levels leading up to class.

What should I bring to class?

  • Bring a large bottle of water with you to class (Water is also available for sale at the studio)
  • Bring a large towel (bath size) for your class. You may also chose to bring along another if you wish to shower afterwards. Towels are also available for hire at the studio.
  • Bring along a yoga mat if you have one. We also have these available to hire for $1 at the studio.

What should I wear to class?

  • Light weight exercise gear is recommend in our classes.
  • Shorts and singlet are ideal.
  • It is best not to wear any long or flowing garments that may get in the way of your stretching. The room is heated to 39 degrees. We want you to feel comfortable.

What is the etiquette in the room?

  • Lockers are provided in the change rooms, so please only bring your mat, towel and water into the studio
  • As Bikram Yoga is a form of moving meditation, we ask that silence is adhered to in the studio.
  • Please remove your shoes prior to entering the reception. You may store these under our benches, or in the lockers provided.
  • Avoid wearing any strong perfumes to class.

Can I practice Bikram Yoga if I am pregnant?

If you have been practicing regularly for at least six months, you can continue to practice through your pregnancy once you have been shown the modified pregnancy series. It is advised that you wait until after the first trimester to continue your practice. Please also consult with your doctor

Why the heat?

The heat in the studio helps warm the body’s muscles and joints, encouraging blood flow and helping to protect and enhance your bodies potential during stretching exercises and postures.

How often do you recommend I practice?

We encourage all students to practice as often as they are able. 3 times per week is a great aim to achieve the many health benefits, and see progress in your practice.

What benefits can I expect to achieve from a regular bikram yoga practice?

Regular attendance of Bikram Yoga is suggested to provide the following health, lifestyle and well-being benefits:

  • Builds strength, flexibility, balance and strong endurance
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased energy and stamina throughout your day
  • Weight loss and toning
  • Improved posture
  • Improved lung capacity
  • Strengthened immune system to help prevent illness and injury
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Flushes away waste products and toxins from all of the glands and organs within your body
  • Reduce or eliminate back pain and improve bad posture
  • Promotes better sleep and relaxes the body so you can feel calm and at peace
  • Relief from arthritic pain and joint stiffness

What can I expect from my first class?

  • Every class, every person, and every day will present a different experience in class. We encourage you to prepare for your classes through hydrating as best as possible.
  • New students will be positioned in the back row, which will allow you to have the presence of more experienced students in front of you as guidance.
  • It is not uncommon to feel a little dizzy or nauseous during your first few classes.  Don’t be afraid to lie down when you feel a little overwhelmed.  Take each class at your own pace
  • Make the most of your 10 day introductory pass. Practicing several times within your first 10 days will set you up for success, and give you to best chance to enjoy your practice.

Can I claim on my private health cover?

  • This is very possible! Check with your health insurance provider to understand your inclusions.
  • Speak with our teaching staff, or send an email to our studio, and we can supply you with our health insurance provider number.

Do you have a question that isn’t addressed?

Click here to email the Bikram Yoga Mill Park Team and a team member will be in touch within 2 working days.